I’m currently working as the R Spatial Advocate for the Center for Spatial Data Science at UChicago. Most recently, I did data science for transit at TransLoc and wrote a spatial econometrics thesis on the Detroit housing market.

In my day to day, I work closely with Luc Anselin, leading workshops for researchers at our center and building out spatial analysis resources for applied social science research. I also speak at conferences about spatial data science and methods. I am currently also leading a seven-person Geospatial Track team for useR! 2020.

I founded R-Ladies Chicago, which is the Chicago branch of a global organization whose mission is to promote gender diversity in the R community. We started in July 2017 and have expanded to over 1000 members so far, putting on 25+ events for the Chicago R community. Other organizations I’m affiliated with include The Carpentries, R Forwards, Chi Hack Night, rOpenSci, and NASA Datanauts.

I recently received a large-scale grant from the R Consortium, under the Linux Foundation, to develop and organize R Community Collaboratives, an initiative to bring together local open-source software communities. In the past year, I led teams to organize three events for the Chicago R community, including a women’s package development workshop, an unconference, and a 1-day conference.

As a result of organizing these things, I started my own data science business. If you’re interested in 1) hiring me 2) chatting about my experiences organizing open-source communities, or 3) curious about starting your own data science company, feel free to schedule a chat to meet in-person or online.

You can also find me on Twitter @CivicAngela, where I post about #rstats, #rspatial, and #RLadies (and occasionally live-tweet a conference). Off the web, you can find me doing a crossword, playing a game of ultimate frisbee, cooking something tasty, or traversing Chicago via bike, bus, or train.